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You may visit our Directions Page for complete directions to the Harbor Lights Yacht, Jewel Yacht, Cabana Yacht, or any of our other featured event vessels located at the SkyPort Marina at 23rd Street & FDR Drive. The closest train is the 6 train at 23rd Street, or you may take the (C), (E), (1), (F), (M), (R), or (6) to 23rd Street, then take the Eastbound M23 bus to FDR Drive.
Parking is available at Waterside Plaza Garage @ The Waterside Tower, approx 1/2 block North of SkyPort Marina along the FDR Dr. Service Rd. 212-532-9268 or @ IMPARK, at the end of East 23rd on the North side of the Gulf Station (and on the South side of SkyPort Marina) 212-686-4546. You can also try for street Parking on East 23rd between 1st Ave & FDR Service Rd. Please note that these are outside companies and are not affiliated with Lower Deck Productions or the vessels.

Our events cruise rain or shine. In the rare event that Coast Guard prohibits cruising because of extremely severe weather, we will contact guests via email to make arrangements for a refund or you will be offered an optional exchange for a future event. Normally this is not the case and the events will sail as again this is only in cases of extremely severe weather such as hurricanes, where the Coast Guard prohibits cruising for all vessels within New York City.

We will begin checking in guests at 11:00pm at the gate to provide them with their boarding passes and the line will begin boarding onto the yacht approximately at 11:45pm. This time is subject to change as we may start boarding guests slightly before or after 11:45pm, however we ask that guests arrive no later than 11:45pm so they will not miss the cruise. Guests that arrive late and miss the event will NOT receive a refund or an exchange.

Dress code will be enforced and we ask that guests dress to impress. Most Gentlemen wear dress button down collared shirts, slacks, and shoes and most Ladies wear dresses, skirts, dress pants or nice jeans with a blouse and heels.

Absolutely NO athletic or baggy attire. We ask that guests are dressed neat and overly baggy attire will not be permitted.

Baseball Hats are NOT permitted. Guests may NOT board with a baseball hat even if they remove their hat at the gate. Guests that arrive with a baseball hat will be asked to leave it in their car or somewhere else, but they may NOT board with a baseball hat and we cannot take responsibility to hold a baseball hat for any guests. If a guest chooses not to remove their baseball hat or leave it in their car then they will be denied entrance. Knit fitted hats are also not permitted. Guests will not be allowed to board with hats held in their purses or bags for other guests.

We prefer Gentlemen wear a button down collared shirt. We will allow polo shirts however they may not be baggy or long. A fitted shirt or sweater will be permitted if neat. We ask that gentlemen not wear any sort of hoody, sleeveless shirt, or baggy t-shirt.

Gentlemen may NOT wear shorts or capris of any kind. We prefer that gentlemen wear slacks, but jeans will be permitted if neat and not baggy.

Gentlemen may NOT wear sandals or boots. We prefer that Gentlemen wear shoes, however they may wear sneakers if they are all black or all white. Sneakers with any other solid colors will not be permitted.

Ladies may wear jeans if neat and dressy. We ask that Ladies wear heels or dressy flat shoes. Ladies may not wear sneakers. Ladies may not wear hoodies, athletic, or baggy attire.

Dress code is advised of in advance so guests that come out of dress code will be asked to step off the line and will not be permitted entrance. Tickets are non-refundable, so we ask that guests please come within dress code.

All guests must be at least 21 and provide proper ID. Security has the final word on whether or not an ID is valid. All guests without ID or proper ID will be asked to step off the line and will not receive a refund.

We play a variety of music including mainstream, house, top 40, reggaeton, salsa, merengue, bachata, dance, latin house, freestyle, and mash-ups. The amount of levels depends on the vessel for that specific event, however most of our events are held on the Harbor Lights Yacht which has 3 levels, including 2 enclosed dance floors and 1 large open air promenade deck or the Cabana Yacht & Jewel Yacht which have 2 levels each including 1 enclosed dance floor and 1 open air promenade deck.
The Midnight Cruise events listed on our website are open-to-the-public for guests 21 & over. All guests must have tickets in advance. Each vessel has a capacity which is in the general range of 300-400 guests. All of our events are sold out well in advance and again, everyone must have a ticket in advance.
Open Bars are NOT an option on our open-to-the-public Midnight Cruise events. The yachts have 2 cash bars on our Midnight Cruises for drinks only, no bottle sales/service. The yachts do not accept credit cards, cash only!
There is NO bottle service on our open-to-the-public Midnight Cruise events. Bottles are NOT sold on our open-to-the-public midnight cruises. The yachts have 2 bars to purchase drinks only. Average drinks are around $6-$8 unless they have a premium liquor (example Grey Goose, Hennessy, etc), in which case they may be around $9-$12. These prices are just an estimate and are subject to change.
We do not directly offer food at our events; however the Yacht will have a buffet for sale at $10 per plate for the majority of our events. As this is something that our events do not directly offer, we cannot guarantee that there will be food offered for sale, however almost all of our events do feature this buffet for sale. Normally we notify guests via email who have purchased tickets the day before the event to inform them as to whether or not the yacht will have a buffet for sale at the event, but again, the buffet is offered for purchase at almost all of our events. If the buffet is available, it will be located on the first level for $10 per plate, cash only. There is no menu available as the yacht has a private caterer that supplies new freshly made foods daily. The yacht does not have specialty foods on board.
Guests may NOT bring food or containers of any kind aboard the cruises except for a birthday cake or cupcakes but you must email us at events@lowerdeckproductions.com for approval ahead of time if you would like to bring a birthday cake or cupcakes. As mentioned in the previous question, often there will be food for sale, however regardless whether or not there is a buffet to purchase food, guests may not bring their own food. Guests may NOT bring their own alcohol, beverages, or containers of any kind aboard the cruises.
The yachts for our cruise events board at the SkyPort Marina on the East Side of Manhattan, at 23rd Street & FDR Drive. The yachts sail on the East River, to the Statue of Liberty, just around into the Hudson River, and back. Along this route take in New York City's breathtaking skyline, major bridges, iconic landmarks, and parks. The yacht will sail at a slower pace when near the Statue of Liberty in order for guests to take photos with an amazing & iconic background. If you would like to view some of the landmarks we will sail alongside and a map of our cruise route, please visit the Cruise Route page.
ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All sales are final, NO REFUNDS, unless the official cruise event is cancelled, rescheduled, or the facility is closed due to unforeseen circumstances. All tickets purchased for a special event within an official cruise event, (for example, tickets purchased in relation to a birthday, bachelorette party, graduation, etc.), for which the guest of honor or organizer chooses to cancel or reschedule, are also non-refundable. Our events cruise rain or shine. In the rare event that Coast Guard prohibits cruising because of extremely severe weather, we will contact guests via email to make arrangements for a refund or you will be offered an optional exchange for a future event. Normally this is not the case and the events will sail as again this is only in cases of extremely severe weather such as hurricanes, where the Coast Guard prohibits cruising for all vessels within New York City. Unless the official cruise event is canceled or rescheduled then tickets are not subject to any refund and shall bear no cash value. Under no circumstances is the processing fee refunded. If issued complimentary, ticket shall not be exchangeable.
Please refer to our Ticket Policy for complete details & additional information in regards to non-refundable tickets and policies.
Unfortunately the vessels we use for our cruise events located at the SkyPort Marina are NOT Wheelchair accessible.
Tickets for Midnight Cruises normally start at $25 per person and will raise as the event date gets closer or the event is closer to being sold out. Tickets purchased online are also subject to credit card processing fees. All Tickets are non-refundable. The earlier you purchase tickets, the better the price.
Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We do not have a set date on which tickets will be sold out but All of our events are sold out in advance so it's best to purchase tickets ASAP. Once the event is listed as sold out we will not be permitted to sell any more tickets in advance as we have reached the capacity for ticket sales for that event.
After you purchase your tickets online, you will receive a receipt via Pay Pal immediately after your purchase. You will then receive your e-tickets to print for admission normally within 24 hours or by the next business day of your purchase. You MUST bring your e-ticket to the event to show to our door staff in order to claim your boarding passes for yourself and your guests. We will begin checking in guests at 11:00pm at the gate to verify their e-tickets and provide them with boarding passes. The line will begin boarding onto the yacht approximately at 11:45pm. The actual boarding time is subject to change but we ask that guests arrive no later than 11:45pm so that they do not miss the cruise. In order to move the boarding process as quickly as possible, we highly recommend arriving between 11:00pm-11:30pm so that you can check-in with our door staff and obtain your boarding passes.
Smoking is permitted on the outer decks only. The top level is outdoors and there are usually outdoor patios on the other levels of the yachts.
NO, the yachts that are used for our Midnight Cruise events are Cash Only bars. Some vessels have ATMs available on board but most Do Not, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time to pay for drinks via cash.
It is highly unlikely, especially with Midnight Cruises as there are less vessels sailing which can cause more waves, though some people are more sensitive. The vessels we use for our Midnight Cruises are very large yachts and operate in the New York Harbor, on the East River and the Hudson River, which are very calm bodies of water. You may feel a slight rockiness at the dock and near the lower Manhattan area around Battery Park, where currents come together. If you are prone to motion-sickness it is suggested to bring motion-sickness precautions, such as motion-sickness wristbands, non-dramamine, or ginger candy. It is however uncommon at our events for guests to get seasick.
Visit the Birthday Page of this website and complete the form. A representative will be in contact with you via email normally within 24 hours of completing the form. We ask that you complete the entire form so that we can provide the best service for your birthday celebration.
Birthday Packages only apply to our Midnight Cruises on select dates and all of our events are 21 & over. After completing the form, a representative will inform you what dates are available closest to the date you would like to celebrate. Birthday packages Only apply to the Midnight Cruises that are sponsored directly by Lower Deck Productions. If there is an event featured on our website by a paid sponsor then there will be a mention of that within the event details AND you will be notified immediately of the birthday packages for that specific event once a representative responds to your form request for a birthday package.
There is only 1 free admission ticket for one birthday person per package. Package #3 allows for one additional free ticket which can be used for a guest or an additional birthday person. We can create the webpage to feature more than 1 birthday person's name & we can add additional birthday names to the cake, however the free admission only applies to one birthday person & within Package #3 an additional guest. As for the free drink ticket for the birthday person offered in Packages #2 & #3, that would normally go to one birthday person but this is negotiable depending on how many birthday people you have within your request & which package you receive.
Yes. The only food we would allow guests to bring would be if they decided to bring their own birthday cake. No other food is permitted aboard the vessel and you must contact us in advance to let us know if you plan to bring your own cake. There is a cake offered within the birthday packages but guests may bring their own if they choose. Please notify us via email at events@lowerdeckproductions.com if you would like to bring your own cake.
The cakes serve up to 48 guests. Each package offers the same size cake. There are 2 options only for the type of cake, which are white cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse or chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. These are the ONLY cakes available within our package. Plates, Forks, Candles, and a Plastic Knife will be provided for the cake and placed on your table upon arrival.
As most of our guests are attending the event for a birthday celebration, we do not offer prompt entrance for any birthday guests or birthday people as it would essentially be the same amount of guests and the same line. All guests including birthday people must wait on the same line. Our lines normally move quickly.
If you visit the Birthday Page, there is a chart with photos of how the tables will look for each package. This is primarily a Dance Cruise, so Reserved Tables DO NOT have seating for entire party at one time, but everyone in your group will have access to your tables all night. There are normally 4 chairs per table, depending on the level for which you are seated. This is essentially a Dance Cruise so we do not offer seats for every guest in a birthday party, otherwise there would be no room for the dance floors. Tables are reserved for birthdays and feature the cake as well as reserved signs with the birthday person's name on the tables upon arrival. Any of your birthday guests may sit at your tables, however not every guest will be able to sit at one time. The tables are offered for the birthday cake and to allow you to have some seating for guests to take breaks and sit down. The amount of tables you receive depends on the package level you reach. We only guarantee up to 3 tables (if you reach package #3). We do not provide more than 3 tables even if you go over the minimum amount of guests within Package #3. Tables with larger packages such as Package #2 & Package #3 are generally pushed together with seating around the 2 or 3 combined tables. This allows your guests that want to sit the opportunity to sit together at the main table with your birthday cake and also allows more room for dancing.
Cakes will be placed on your table along with candles, forks, a plastic cutting knife, & plates, before boarding so when you and your guests board the boat, the cake and supplies will already be on the table. The birthday name will be on the cake and on reserved signs on the table, which will allow your guests to know where your table is located, if they are not already informed of ahead of time. The drink ticket will be provided by a representative after we have set sail. The representative will come to your table area or locate the birthday person within the event to provide them with their free drink ticket (pending they reach either Package #2 or #3 which feature the free drink ticket).
NO, guests may not bring your own DJ to our open-to-the-public midnight cruises. We have professional DJs on staff for our events. DJ's will be provided a list of all birthday names before the event to use for birthday shout outs so you and your guests will not need to request the birthday shout outs.

Our recommendation is that you should not immediately purchase your own ticket. The representative who contacts you to set up your birthday package will keep in touch with you via email and inform you if the event is close to selling out to advise you if you need to purchase your own ticket if it seems that you may not reach the minimum amount required for a package before the event is sold out. If the price has risen by the time that you may need to purchase your own ticket for not reaching a package level, then a specific link will be sent to you to purchase your ticket at the starting $25 price. This link will only be applied to you for your own ticket if you do not reach the birthday package level that provides a free birthday ticket. This link will not be provided to any other guests to purchase a ticket at a lower price after the ticket prices have been raised.

The representative who contacts you to set up your birthday package will keep in touch with you via email and send you updates on your list of sales along the way. In order to provide this information, all of your guests must purchase their tickets through your personalized birthday webpage. If you contact us via Facebook, then we ask that you provide your email address as list updates and other updates on information will only be provided via email.
Birthday people may bring some decorations and balloons to decorate their tables. We recommend that you arrive early so that you are towards the front of the line so that you will be able to decorate your table before the vessel gets too crowded. We will not board guests before boarding time to set up so it's best to arrive early to be in the front of the line. We ask that you contact us via email if you are bringing any specific decorations other than balloons so that we can advise if it will be acceptable. Decorations must be approved in advance so again, please email us at events@lowerdeckproductions.com if you are looking to bring decorations.